LIENKEN Technology Corp.

Shock absorbing material, Noise reduction material, power supply, Innovation, environmental Protection.. You Just Have To "See & Believe" It

Company Info.

Lienken Tech is a company that combines technology and innovation. There are two kinds of products.


Smart material 

    LIENKEN smart materials provide very thin and light soft shock absorption and noise reduction.

The material can apply to smartphone case, sport pads, medical, defense, transportation safety, transportation, computers, automotive, insoles, helmet, bicycle seat, acoustic, car electronics, and architecture, etc.  


Power supply

  Lienken Technology Corporation is one of the company that provides digital power solutioins that combine Smart Power SupplyTechnology (S.P.S.T) and innovation design. Its solutions were patented in Germany, England, Japan, Taiwanand China. Our managerial team has more than 25 years experience in the field of power supply, cooperated with well-developed research and development in Smart Technology, production, quality control, marketing and customer service team.

Our service includes the power supply for the consumer electronics, personal computer, industrial mainframe, telecommunication system, industrial high voltage equipment.




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